Project U&G

Project U&G, formally known as Nu Era, is a Hip Hop Choreography based group apart of Unlimited Dance Club who participates in numerous showcases and competitions throughout the school year. Over the years, they have participated in numerous events, including World Vision Clash of Titans, CVC SupaSkills, Dance Horizon showcases and more. Although Project U&G is a performance and competition based group, we strongly encourage all who are interested to come out and audition! In the meantime, check out this quick video below of Project U&G performing at Dance Horizons‘ Mid Year Show!



Michael Chang(Captain) Dacia Goh Galen Wu
DSC09451_edit DSC09462_edit DSC09398_edit
Elena Ng Emerlin Law Stephanie Chang
Jonathan Kim Tiffany Ku Bethany Young
Misa Dogaki Maggie Tung Pansy Yu
Jodie Lee Anna Zhao Harshan Manthriratna
Dayton Turchenek Rose Aunaetitrakul Cobie Damzel