Presidents/Vice Presidents


Carson Shi

Hello friends! My name is Carson and I am a third year biology major here at UBC. I started dance back in highschool when I was accidentally put into the class, but since then it has become one of the defining aspects of my life. You can usually find me at one of the open practice times so drop by and say hello! I’ve never had Chipotle.

VP External:

Nelson Yim

Hello all! I’m a… uhh… second year Computer Science/Biology Major still. I started dancing when I first joined this club and I also practice anywhere. Literally. Anywhere. I’m currently in Singapore right now for co-op but I’ll be at those events in spirit…probably. I also like Chipotle.

VP Internal:

Jason Liu

What’s up everyone! As you can see above, my name is Jason and I’m a second year business student at UBC. I started dancing since the end of grade 10, and have been doing so until now. I definitely recommend dance to anybody so come check out our classes! Unlike Carson, I have had chipotle and am a huge fan of Mexican food.