Last Battle of the Year: The Last Duo (Duel)

The last duo (duel) is a battle of deuces for all styles! who will be the last two standin’? Winning two will each get the brand new, fresh, cut out, limited edition tank top! Click here or the picture to go to the Facebook page.

Our battles will bring your excitement out of your plateauing week! Don’t believe us? Ask around, we don’t plan things for the sake of ourselves, we do it for ya’ll! So don’t miss this one neither! Also, It’s FREE for member!!

2v2 Battle – TILL THE LAST TWO

Sue-O Lee

Limited Edition – 2015 Unlimited Tank Top (Check Event Page for tank design)

$2 for non-members/spectators
FREE for all UDC members (Battlers or non-battlers)
“The dopest swag in UD history!” – UDC Family