Media Director:

Olivia Lo
Hi, it’s nice to meet you! I’m a 3rd year biology student and the Media Director for this year! I used to be part of a dance team back in highschool and I’ve grown a passion for dance ever since. I look forward to seeing you at our events. So come say hi and let’s make some memories together 🙂

Public Relations:

Steven Chang
What’s up beautiful people! I’m Steven, a 4th year Political Science Major (with a minor in Law & Society) and the current Public Relations exec for Unlimited Dance club. As for dance styles, I enjoy doing hip-hop and also specialize in birthday lap dancing and dancing with anything resembling a pole. I’m a very fun-loving individual who resembles a human panda and enjoys putting smiles on people’s faces, and you can find me in any UDC events and booths. I love meeting new people so don’t be afraid to come to me and say hi! Steven won’t bite 🙂

Web Master:

Yves Chan

Hey all, I try my best to keep this website beautiful and up to date. You might see the occasional glitches but if you do don’t worry about it. I’m a 4th year Computer Science student currently on co-op. I probably won’t make it to many events that happen during the day time, but I will be there for the major events on weekends. I’m a complete noob to dancing, I started hip hop with UDC last year and prior to that I could only fist pump. If you’re a beginner as well, don’t be shy it’s all a learning experience.

Graphic Designer:

Alvin Szeto
Ayy what’s up, my name is Alvin. I am the new graphic designer for Unlimited Dance Club, in my 3rd year in Computer Sciences. My style of dance is bboying, and I hope to meet more dancers and gain more experience with battling and cyphering. If you’re a cute little lady who want to join the club, just holla at me and i’ll show you the ropes 😉