Impact Movement

*Info will be updated for Impact Movement 2016!*

Impact Movement (Saturday, March 28 – 4:00 pm @ UBC Norm Theatre)

Impact Movement (I’M), a collaborated effort between Unlimited Dance Club and UBC Red Cross, is our first ever charity dance competition. The event is intended for high school and post-secondary dance teams and represents the choreography aspects of street dance. Teams will be competing for their Red Cross charity of choice e.g. I’M “International Disaster Relief Fund”.

Professional judges will determine the 1st and 2nd place winners while 3rd place will be determined through a “crowd favourite” vote. Money raised through fundraising and ticket sales will be split amongst the charities of the top 3 teams and a trophy will be given to the 1st place team. Teams may choose whichever charity they would like to represent from the list provided.

Registration Guidelines (Please email

1) Deadline for registration is 6pm MARCH 6th, 2015 (Extended).
2) Teams are required to send in an audition video (minimum 30 seconds). This can be of previous performance or practices and does not have to be the performance piece. The video will be used solely to confirm that the dance style falls under Hip Hop / Street Dance.
3) Registration will follow a first come first serve basis; we may be unable to accommodate all teams once the capacity has been reached.
4) Please include a list of all participating team members as well as any coaches and sponsor teachers.
5) Please include the Red Cross charity your team would like to represent. The charity must come from the List_of_Impact Movement_Charities.
6) Confirmation of successful team registration will be sent via e-mail. At this point, a $25 non-refundable registration fee will be required. Payment will be physically collected by an Impact Movement organizer. Details will be further discussed via e-mail.
7) Payment from teams with more than 10 performing members are subject to $5 per additional member thereafter. For example, a team of 12 will have a $35 registration fee.

Event Regulations:

Standard Competition Regulations Apply, but can be found in detail here at Impact_Movement_Event_Regulations