Carson Shi

Hello friends! My name is Carson and I am a third year biology major here at UBC. I started dance back in highschool when I was accidentally put into the class, but since then it has become one of the defining aspects of my life. You can usually find me at one of the open practice times so drop by and say hello! I’ve never had Chipotle.

Vice Presidents

Jason Liu Nelson Yim
VP Internal VP External
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Finance Team

Martin Tran Clarence Lam
Finance Director Finance Assistant
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Admin Team

Sarra Leung
Admin Director

Media Team

Olivia Lo Steven Chang Yves Chan Alvin Szeto
Media Director Public Relations Web Master Graphics Designer
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Events Team

Emerlin Law Ashley Tung Michael Lasaleta
Events Director Events Director Social Coordinator
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U&G Directors

Michael Chang Dacia Goh Maggie Tung
Executive Director Managing Director Artistic Director
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