Marketing Team


VP Marketing:

Edson Zhang

DSC09402_editGreetings and salutations, stranger! I am a third-year Engineering student with a strong passion for living. As a dancer, fitness enthusiast, musical pursuer, and one who loves to give back, I couldn’t be more excited to share the year with Unlimited Dance Club and make my contribution towards this continuous project of success. Around the club, you may find me more often referred to as “Eddie”. My all-time favorite dance inspiration comes from the Jabbawockeez crew; especially in their abilities to merge as one and produce the uniqueness in their mixed-style (and somewhat robotic) choreography!  I’d love to hear what may inspire you too- within or out of the dance community! So let me know about yourjourney of life prior to meeting me, and I will also share mine with you!

Graphic Designer:

Avery Tsang

Web Master

Violet Liao

Hi~ this is Violet! I am in second year Food Nutrition and Health planning to go into dietetics. For dance, I am learning popping and it’s a lot of fun!! I just started to pursue my passion of dancing last year. It’s definitely a fun journey as I practice and learn from others. I really like the UDC family and you should come and hang. Just come by anytime to say hi!



Rachel Wong


Hello! My name is Rachel and I’m the photographer for Unlimited Dance Club. I am in my fifth year of my International Nutrition degree and this is my second year helping out with the club. Other hats I put on include video production and graphic design. I believe dancing is a beautiful outlet for self-expression – there is no right or wrong; however I struggle with dancing like nobody is watching. Let’s all make this our goal this year!


 Newsletter Editor:

Martin Tran

DSC09528_editHey, my name is Martin and I’m currently a first year student in the faculty of science with the idea of majoring in physics and computer science. My main style of dance is popping and animation which I have been practising for the past 2 years through watching videos on Youtube and self learning. I’ve also recently joined up with the Groovy Gentlemen Dance Club which a popping intensive dance program to get serious with my training. I enjoy snowboarding, going for long walks, free food, dancing with friends and also learning any and all forms of dance. I’d be totally down for dance sessions at open practice as well as sharing my knowledge of dance anyone that’s interested. Hope to see you around this semester!

First Term VP Marketing:

Michelle Liang

Michelle here 🙂 Third year Sauder marketing student. I’m from Taiwan and lived in Shanghai for around half of my life. Dance style…i would probably say k-pop. Going on exchange in Term 2 for Rome!! Super excited 🙂 but you guys probably won’t see me around much 😦 If you guys have any questions, comments, or recommendations for our social media pages, feel free to contact me 🙂