November News!

Hi Guys! Hope you’ve all been doing well.
To Wrap up the Semester here are a few updates for you guys!

1) Class Schedule

Our club is in the process of scheduling classes for next semester! If you want a specific class at a certain time, make sure to fill out the form below!

Class Preference Survey

2) Last One Stands

Last One Stands is happening on November 9th! The event will be free for the first 200 UBC Students and there will also be a VIP line for all Unlimited Members! If you want more information on that make sure to check out our events page for details! There is also a separate Facebook Event for all UDC Members! So make sure to COME OUT since it will be FREE 🙂

3) Workshop

Our club will finally be having our first workshop! Our workshop will be on November 12th from 6-8pm at Gage Residence! This will be one of our only FREE WORKSHOPS so make sure to be there! Details for our workshop will also be on our events page shortly!

4) End of Semester Social

The UDC Execs will be getting together to have a social to celebrate a successful semester filled with social events, battles and workshops! We will be getting together on November 15th from 8pm-Whenever in SUB 207! For this Social it’ll be more of a chill social where we will be doing random stuff like play video games and just get to know each other better. We will be having some light snacks since it is a bit late. But if we have a HUGE turnout, we will order some food as well! We might also be giving away some free stuff 😉