Our Mission

We’re a student run dance club who just love dance and want to give back to the community. We’re all about spreading our love of dance to our fellow students and offering cheap and affordable dance classes taught by professionals to our members. Join now!




In 2009, a group of korean bboys searched for a club at UBC that would reflect their style of dance…
Their search was in vain.

In their disappointment came the inspiration to start a movement at UBC that is still continuing to grow today.

And thus, UNLIMITED CREW was born.

With the addition of hip-hop dancers and poppers, what was once a group of korean bboys manifested into a diverse club, both in ethnicity and dance genres.

Through organizing events, spreading knowledge of dance culture, and connecting UBC to dancers throughout Vancouver, the community grows through our club while we grow through the community.

Our club’s aspiration is to spread the love of dance. To unite dancers in the hip-hop scene. To give one the opportunity to express themselves.

Dance has no boundaries, it transcends barriers, it’s constantly changing, it’s the soul’s art.

This is what UNLIMITED means to us.